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French tips

Attractive Smoky eyes


using 5 key brushes. If I mention them twice, make sure they are wiped against a towel clean

Pretty hearts!

Apply nail polish in professional manner

Follow this diagram to imitate how professional manicurists apply nail polish.

Star light Nails

What to choose?

Use of Bule color

Nail Art

Most Artistic: Butterfly Effect

Re-create this season’s smoky eye with our paint-by-numbers guide Seen At: Roberto Cavalli, by McGrath Step 1: Dust brown shadow over the entire lid, concentrating pigment on the outer two thi

Elegant Nail Art

How to fix broken nail with a tea bag

Take a tea-bag and empty it. Cut a small piece to fit your crack. Apply a base coat on the nail and, while it is still wet, apply the cut piece.Then, apply any nail polish you like. That\'s it! I\'v

Beautiful Nail Art

lovely nailart

A miracle-mask with carrots

Carrots have excellent properties. They nourish, moisturize, refresh, enhance elasticity and make the skin smooth. Finely shred one carrot. Apply the puree-like texture on the face and neck and cover

Elegant Nail Art

Beautify your nails.

Beautiful Eye Makeup

Winter 2012/ 2013 Fashion Trends By Aneliya Vasilievaa :

Winter 2012/ 2013 Fashion Trends By Aneliya Vasilievaa :

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