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Gadgets add complexity to bank layoffs

LONDON: In the high-tech, gadget-addicted world of investment banking, layoffs are becoming more complex and brutal as firms try to stop sensitive data leaving with employees. Sackings are usually swift, with bankers escorted out, a few belongings thrown into boxes and Blackberries and phones disabled the minute they get their marching orders. But weeks of trawling through old emails and planning software lockdowns now precede and follow the job cuts that are happening in thousands, addi

Windows Phone's most powerful handset yet

The good: The Nokia Lumia 920 forges new Windows Phone ground with wireless charging support and a highly sensitive screen you can use with gloves. Moreover, Nokia helps fill in Windows Phone OS gaps with a few missing features. The bad: A thick, heavy build and slippery finish for some colors make the Lumia 920 harder to hold and carry, and the phone\'s overhyped camera doesn\'t have enough settings. The bottom line: Nokia\'s Lumia 920 is heavy and thick, but if you want the most powerful

Dear Apple, stop overcharging for extra iPad memory

First, an admission: I preordered an iPad Mini. But I wasn\'t happy about the price I was paying. You see, I\'ve been around iOS devices long enough to know that 16GB of storage space just doesn\'t c

Are you ready for Windows 8?

Microsoft has revealed its new Windows logo! The new design, which was developed by the Pentagram des

YouTube may remain blocked in Pakistan indefinitely over anti-Islam row

YouTube could remain blocked in Pakistan indefinitely, as the government has refused to unblock access to the video sharing website in the country until Google, which owns the website, restricts access to the anti-Islam film - Innocence of Muslims - in Pakistan. Google's decision not to restrict access to the video in Pakistan, while complying with requests to do so in Indonesia, Egypt, Libya, India, and even Brazil has left many of its users in Pakistan perplexed, reports The Express
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