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Global Internet Population Doubles in just 5 Years

They do not call it the World Wide Web without a reason. According to latest findings, the global internet population has doubled in just five years now and continues to do so at an ever increasing pace.

Even parents and grandparents have become accustomed to using the internet for basically each and every need. From finding out what medical problems one might be experiencing to getting the location of a restaurant miles and miles away, the internet can virtually do it all now with how advanced technology has really gotten to be.

In just the past five years, Asia has gone from over 418 million to over 1 billion in regards to internet users. The Middle East witnessed a jump of 294 percent with 20 million, jumping up to 77 million. The United States has also seen a huge boost with 233 million users now being 273 million.

Internet use is still growing at an astonishing pace, especially due to the usage of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter that allow people to connect with virtually anyone around the world who is online.