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Instagram tops one hundred Million Active Users Following recent arguing over dynamic terms of service, Instagram began releasing active user counts to combat rumors that users were abandoning the

The iphone photo printer

This is the compact printer that produces pic quality photos directly from a docked iPhone (including iPhone 5) or iPod touch. Requiring no laptop or code, the printer is controlled from your iPhone v

Apple's share price falls to lowest in nearly a year

Apple, the world\'s most valuable company, became definitively less valuable on Monday after news the global tech giant halved its orders for screens for the iPhone 5. According to Japan\'s Nikkei ne

China overtakes US to become the largest smartphone market

China have now becomw the world’s largest producer of smartphones in 2012 to acquire 224 million units, according to sources. At the same time, it launched more than 730,000 applications to Apple (

Nokia doubles Lumia sales In fourth quarter: Elop

Nokia has surprisingly passed to the fourth quarter higher than it was expected in the forecasts of the Finnish-based company. Among other data, the technology giants have confirmed that it sold 4.4 m

Global Internet Population Doubles in just 5 Years

They do not call it the World Wide Web without a reason. According to latest findings, the global internet population has doubled in just five years now and continues to do so at an ever increasing pa

Free schedulers for twitter

The HootSuite and Buffer schedulers for Twitter. Make sure your tweets don’t get lost, do post your tweets on the time that is more likly to show to people . Twitter itself provides Advertiser Analytics in various price ranges. Twitter is a social place where different kind of people from diffrent cultures gets into the contact. The information of others retweets and tweets is provided by twitter analysis.

China Launches Rival GPS Satellite System

China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system The Beidou system started

5 Most Mentioned Companies

RIM Outlines Programme for Enterprise Clients to Adopt BB10

Research In 

Flexible Samsung phone 'ready in early 2013'

Flexible Samsung phone \'ready in early 2013\' Samsung will soon begin mass production of phones with displays using plastic rather than glass, a move that will make mobile devices unbreakable and

Gmail, meet Google Drive -- and behold 10GB file transfers

Product manager Phil Sharp explains in a blog post: Like a smart assistant, Gmail will also double-check that your recipients all have access to any files you\'re sending. This works like Gmail\'s fo

The Essential Guide to Internet & Software for First-Time Computer Users

You bought a brand new laptop computer for mom – the Apple Macbook was too expensive so you settled for a Dell machine loaded with Windows Vista and a trial copy of Office 2007. Your mom is a great self-learner and knows all the basic stuff about computers but needs some help is in finding the right software tools that will help her do stuff more efficiently and as inexpensively as possible. Letter to Mom suggesting tools and web apps for her new computer Dear Mom – I hope you are e

The five secrets to smartphone success

Building a smartphone isn\'t easy. Building one that\'s a blockbuster success is an even more Herculean task. 1. Strategy. As in, have a long-term one ready. Sounds pretty obvious, right? Companies that want to be successful in this game need to show a little patience. Apple\'s instant success with the original iPhone was an anomaly, and not something other companies can easily replicate. While the Galaxy S brand is a global force now, it\'s easy to forget that the phones had a so-so debut on

Google+ Shows How your Website is Performing in Google Search Results

If you have previously linked your website(s) to your Google+ profile using authorship tags (or through rel=author), you can now see some important stats about your incoming Google search traffic right inside Google Plus itself. Go to plus.google.com/authorship/analytics and it will show you Impressions (number of times your articles appeared in Google search results) as well as Clicks (number of times your articles were clicked in Google results) for the last 30 days. The report also carries s

A Text-only Browser Powered by Google Scripts

Text Browser is a Lynx-inspired browser that lets you browse the web in text and ignores all images and other rich content that is embedded inside a web page. Unlike Lynx and other text-only browser t

Route Planner Lists all your Travel Options in India

Travel website MakeMyTrip.com today introduced a new web-based tool called Route Planner that will show you the various modes of transport that you can take to travel from one city to another. You may

Use Windows 8 Themes with Previous Versions of Windows

The official Windows Themes directory at windows.microsoft.com hosts some beautiful themes for your Windows desktop. Some of the newer themes – like these dual-screen panoramic images – are however compatible only with Windows 8 machines. If you aren’t planning to make the upgrade to Windows 8, the good news is that you can still extract the wallpaper backgrounds of these Windows 8 specific themes and use them on older Windows PCs. The Windows theme files have a .themepack extension bu

A Better Alternative to Google Docs Viewer

With the Office Web Apps viewer, you can open Microsoft Office Documents in the browser or embed them into your website. Google Docs Viewer is a useful service that helps you preview Microsoft O


Gallium has a melting temperature of about 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is basically room temperature. If you hold this metal it will begin melting in your hand..
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