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When Pakistan cricket will get rid of Ijaz Butt?

LAHORE: After destroying Pakistan cricket and leaving the office in a disgraceful manner, controversial former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ijaz Butt, who is nearing 80 years of age, still wants to be in the limelight. His latest ‘suggestion’ to PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf that the board should hire either Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad or Mohsin Khan as national team’s batting coach besides appointing Wasim Akram or Sarfraz Nawaz as bowling coach in place of little-known Mohammad Akram is shocking and beyond one’s comprhension. 

The PCB is being run in a very professional manner under Zaka. The present management of the PCB is doing a great job and does not need any kind of advise or suggestion from a person termed as a ‘buffoon’ by International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive Malcolm Speed. A top job always requires good administrator. Some of the best heads of the PCB were not former cricketers but people with good managerial background. Running cricket is not rocket science, just the use of the rarest of qualities and common sense. And Zaka has been able to demonstrate his skills with brilliance.

It seems Ijaz, who is now ‘promoting’ himself and giving ‘friendly’ suggestions to the PCB, is suffering from a memory loss. What he did to Pakistan cricket and former players, including Miandad, is an open secret. Nothing, perhaps, sums up the contradictions of Pakistan cricket, and the abyss into which it descended during the tenure of Ijaz. The PCB under Ijaz became more or less dysfunctional. The controversies involving Ijaz made the country a laughing stock around the globe. His hullabaloos damaged the game in the country more than ball-tampering and match-fixing issues combined. Ijaz dented the pride of Pakistan cricket in a seemingly irreparable manner. The operational showing of the PCB, with Ijaz Butt at the helm of affairs, remained under the spotlight, with loads of criticism coming from almost every quarter including the International Cricket Council (ICC). Taking note of the continuing decline in the governance of cricket in Pakistan, the ICC gave the PCB a hard rap on the knuckles and decided to monitor closely the running of the game in Pakistan. Bulk of this condemnation was, indeed, justified. Rhetoric, hasty decisions and events sans logic saw Pakistan cricket plunging to its lowest ebb. Ijaz should keep himself out of Pakistan cricket and not spoil all the good work of Zaka and his team. Saner elements of the country do not want his proposals or ideas. He should show some mercy as Pakistan cricket has had enough of him.