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Arnold schwarzenegger : The last sand

The Governator is back! Retired from politics, Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking a leaf out of his \"Expendables\" buddy Sylvester Stallone\'s book and setting out to prove that he can still kick butt at 65.

\"The Last Stand\" represents his first starring role in eight years, and it seems there\'s plenty more gas in his tank. The timing for a primed, pumped, itchy-trigger-finger shoot-em-up leaves something to be desired, no doubt, but with Nicolas Cage unaccountably AWOL this January, Arnie has the knucklehead R-rated action field pretty much to himself. What\'s more, \"The Last Stand\" brings it. If you park your brain outside, and double-park any misgivings about vicarious gun mayhem right alongside, it\'s passable fun.
It\'s a modern-day Western -- a souped-up and dumbed-down \"Rio Bravo,\" if you will -- with Schwarzenegger making like John Wayne as border town Sheriff Ray Owens, the last man standing between a runaway bad guy (Mexican drug baron Eduardo Noreiga) and his freedom. Charting a spectacularly erratic 24-hour course, the movie juggles self-consciously hokey small-town comedy with slick (or at least semi-slick) high-tech chase scenes as the road-racing desperado leads Forest Whitaker and the feds on a merry chase through the Southwest in his prototype Corvette 01.

Source : CNN