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Jabel-e-toor, Egypt

Ayat of The Day

A Beautiful Saying

Hajj Mubarak

The most Beautiful place on earth


  This seems to be a rather simple and elementary concept. It should not be difficult for anybody to understand the oneness of God, and there the matter seems to rest. But in fact there is far more to this than meets the eye. When one examines the concept of Unity in depth, the entire world of religion seems to revolve around this pivotal point. This belief influences man&

The Islamic Concept of Knowledge

  Allah is the first teacher and the absolute guide of humanity. This knowledge was not imparted to even the Angels. In Usul al-Kafi there is a tradition narrated by Imam Musa al-Kazim ('a) that 'ilm is of three types: ayatun muhkamah (irrefutable signs of God), faridatun 'adilah (just obligations) and s


“Fear Allah Where ever You Are”

  Abû Dharr al-Ghifârî and Mu`âdh b, Jabal relate that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Fear Allah wherever you are. Follow up a bad deed with a good deed and it will blot it out. And deal with people in a good manner.” [ Sunan al-Tirmidhî ]  The importance of this hadith: 

7 Tips for Improving your Relationship with the Qur'aan

  1. Before you touch it, check yo

On The Successful One.

  Assalam alaikum, The Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bl

museebat ya gunah??

Shaikh Sadi(R.A.) nay darya k kinaray ak zakhmy Darwaish ko daikha. Us k zakhm rus rahay thay. Dawa faida nahy day rahy thy. Darwaish sajda-e-shukr krta raha. Shaikh nay waja-e-shukr daryaft ki. Darwaish bola; "MAIN MUSEEBAT MAIN GIRIFTAR HON GUNAH

Aaj ki Baat

''Awaz e MUHAMMAD Ka asar Khtam nA hOga.'' Thak jae ga sOraj Ye saFar khTam Na 

Hai kuch khas is main

Zindgy ko zarorat main rakho, khwahishat ki tarf na lay jao. zarorat fakeero ki b pory hoty hai, or khwahishain

Beautiful Dua

Quran food Science............!!!

  Healthy f
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